About Us


GREATWALL, one of Nigeria’s leading Oilfield Service Company with experience dealing with Oil and Gas companies in Nigeria and Gulf of Guinea with a deep commitment to serving clients with smarter, customized answers and world-class resources.

Our people are dedicated to qualifying what you want to accomplish, and then developing solutions that fit your project, your budget and your goals.

We believe in being a partner to our client, thinking outside the box and accomplishing what others cannot. With a combined senior management experience of over a hundred industry years, we strive to bring global best practices to the Nigerian content domain and across the gulf of Guinea.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide best in-class solution to our clients in an efficient and cost effective manner while preserving the safety of our personnel, equipment and the environment in which we work.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the foremost Oilfield service company within the Nigerian content Domain and Gulf of Guinea

Our Drive

Customer Satisfaction

At Greatwall, we go all out to ensure that our customers are satisfied and our services are laced with excellent customer service.


If it is Greatwall, it is definitely the highest quality possible. We ensure that our services compete with services from any part of the world.


Our work process and result speaks for us in the oil and gas space. We have built a system that aligns with excellence and nothing short of excellence.

The Great Team at Greatwall.

Our Team

Our employees learn quickly in our accelerated training program, which integrates classroom knowledge with hands-on experience and GreatWall’s involved management team provides oversight and direction for every job in the field and works to enhance service quality with every run. We’ve got the tools... We focus on helping every GreatWall customer get the job done more efficiently and effectively. We rely on an array of innovative products, techniques and processes to provide the best quality at the right price.